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  • Gregory Burns

Security and Defense: A Responsibility Ignored or Neglected - Why?

Why, is personal or group defense and security often a "responsibility" ignored or neglected?

For anyone reading this, a question worthy of thought! There is no

single answer but more than one may apply. Your defense and security

is your personal responsibility that cannot be delegated to anyone

else. Even the police do not have a legal responsibility for defending

you! Most often they simply cannot be there to do that!

1. EDUCATION - Personal defense and security is something usually

neglected as a formal education experience. Therefore, "effective"

knowledge, preparation and options to confront threat or violence is

inadequate or absent. A little education and training can go a long

way to provide protection and security.

2. PRIORITIES - People are busy with their lives, responsibilities

and priorities, so even if thought about, it is not acted upon.

3. NOT ME - Many people have not (yet) experienced significant

personal threat in their lives, where they live, work and travel.

Therefore, they tend to think they are exempt, or that it will never

happen to them, only to others. Well, unfortunately over 2 million

people every year have been wrong about that! With today's culture,

conditions, National and international circumstances, that will only

become worse it the foreseeable future. That is not a guess, but a

"certainty". Corruption, crime, instability, division, hardship and

mental illness of one type or another produces threat and violence all

around us.

4. THREAT SOURCES - We all know that crime and violence is not only

prominent, but out of control in and around major cities and larger

towns. Ironically, when threat comes to any town or neighborhood,

people always say: "Nothing like this has ever happened before"! But

it did! Factors of life pressures, failure, immaturity, stress, lack

of discipline, bad temperament, alcohol and drug abuse or just mean

people who do not care, are sources of threat. An obvious but often

ignored threat is the prominence of illegal drugs in "EVERY" town in

America. People are selling drugs for money everywhere, supported by

crime cartels, that are literally killing people. What kind of people

are they?

5. ROLL THE DICE - Forty plus years ago, Marine Colonel Jeff Cooper

wrote a classic book on defense stating that, one out of a hundred

people, who cross your path would do you harm for their own reason or

opportunity. That has not changed but has only become much worse. We

are rolling the dice to assume that threat will never come to our feet

or doorstep.

6. VICTIMIZATION - Most people become needless victims of threat or

violence because they are not prepared for it. Additionally, they have

not been prepared to deal with threat nor educated with effective

options to avoid, escape or respond to it.

7. NOT CAPABLE OF DEFENSE - Many people think they are not capable of

defending themselves. That is a great misconception for lack of

knowledge, and a lie! Often a great mistake with unfortunate

consequences. "Anyone" can be trained and prepared with effective

options to significantly impact their own protection and security -




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