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We specialize in providing defense, security, and consulting options for individuals, families, groups, and churches. Our single, half-day, or full-day focus class options (ranging from 3 to 7 hours) provide an all-in-one solution for effective self-protection options. Our services focus on addressing threats, harassment, stalking, crime, assault, violence at home, domestic, street crime, workplace violence, travel, and even terrorist attacks.

Our team is trained to provide active shooter prevention and defense training, and we also offer training for shooting, guns, and armed defense, as needed. Our certified defense and firearms instructor and our US Military Officer and Police Crime Analyst ensure that our training programs are top-of-the-line and comprehensive.

At USA Personal Defense Training & Security Consulting, we firmly believe that it is senseless to be defenseless, which is why we strive to offer the most comprehensive security and self-defense training programs across America and throughout New England, the Northeast, and across America as practical, Just ask, what is possible! Our pricing is negotiable, and we consider all needs, regardless of location. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you stay safe and secure.

Greg Burns


Retired Military Officer, in support of combat Army units – 15 Years experience. Assignments: Personnel and Facility Security and Defense, Combat Operations Security, Installation and Operation Security, Shooting Training, and Individual and Group Defense. Police Crime Analyst & Crime Prevention Planer, 5 Years experience. Major city Police Department, Crime prevention planner for 29 towns in the capitol region, coordination with community organizations, writing plans for crime reduction and prevention, developing special police crime enforcement programs. NRA Certified Trainer, 16 years experience. Personal defense training, gun safety, firearms handling & shooting, self-defense law - use of force, threat and violence avoidance, escape & defense. Certified range officer, pistol, rifle, and shotgun.


What is Special About Our Training?

It is time and cost-effective. It is simple and practical for everyone. It is effective to save people from threat, harm, serious injury, or death. It will overcome fear and give confidence. We train you to train yourself in the future. We teach you what you need to know, why, and options of what to do, how to do it – to defend yourself and those around you, anywhere at any time. The cost of training is reasonable, (group training cost negotiable), related to greatly enhanced safety, security, practical and real defense capability – and peace of mind.

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